About CheckOS | Work Order Schedule

What is it?

The CheckOS | Service Order Program is an online service order management software that allows companies from different segments to administer with a free model the activities related to the service both internal and external, allowing the integration of partner companies in the same software.

Why Use CheckOS | Work Order Schedule

Using CheckOS | Service Order Program enables companies to know exactly the satisfaction of their customers through the individual assessment that is only allowed with the use of a special code that consumers receive.

Outsourced a service? the CheckOS | Work Order Program helps you know if the outsourced company is doing a good job.

CheckOS offers in real time the status of the Work Orders of Service requested by your company and also by companies accredited to perform outsourced services for your company.

Your company will not need a server structure to maintain its Work Order software, all access is online from any device anywhere, anytime.
The CheckOS | Work Order Program can also be used free of fees, tuition or annuities through the free model, feel free to use in your company and invite partner companies to create a network of service providers together.
We are always looking for improvements to help your company exceed your customer's expectations.

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