Privacy Policy

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This policy shall base its structure the same settings in the Terms of Use of Service CheckOS.
The objectives of this privacy policy is to make public how the CheckOS | Work Order Software is the information circulating on the website providing greater reliability our system.
The registered companies assumed, when registering, be aware of the information in this document regardless of future changes that might occur, such that should remain updated about this information.
CheckOS no commitment or guarantee the dissemination of new updates this policy.

Information that CheckOS can obtain and store

The CheckOS | Work Order Software and retains records through the system all the information entered by users directly on the pages of the website as well as information from automatic mechanisms that are explicitly authorized by CheckOS | Work Order Software to execute maneuvers with internal system data.
Information regarding the method of access to the system as the platform, operating system, version of the software involved in access, network addressing, and other information related to access to and necessary for the operation of CheckOS system, will be collected and treated and can be automatically and without user intervention by CheckOS | Work Order Software for your free use.

Cadastral Data

The individual data of firms as corporate name, address, phone, email, contacts and other information including the logo will be stored in our databases and will be freely available to any Internet user who accesses the site without the need for authentication.
The consumer information, will be stored in the system CheckOS | Work Order Software so that only registered company and a possible partner in this company that is engaged in a common order of service for both companies will have access these data.
Except in cases determined by law, this information will be provided under any circumstances, with only the exception of a possible extraction of the requesting company's own data if agreed by means of the registration of the agreement between the CheckOS | Work Order Software and the company.

Content of the Service Orders

Work orders can be accessed by companies that are part of the service (Enterprise and Designated Approving Company) with free permission for reading and for printing and specific alteration of information under the company's position in service and also the status of the Order of service. Consumers can access their work orders by permission only for reading and printing from having the same access code.

Third Party Applications

The CheckOS | Work Order Software will make use of third-party utilities whenever necessary for the purpose of improving services to registered companies.
The CheckOS | Work Order Software does not interfere shares its terms of service or privacy policies of those third parties so that the infromações that trafegarem for these services will be subject to the terms and policies the third.

What CheckOS can do with the information obtained

The CheckOS | Work Order Software ensures that entrepreneurs will not use information from consumers who are registered by their companies to get in touch with these customers for commercial purposes in their own benefit.
The CheckOS | Work Order Software not deliberately communicate with consumers, contacts with CheckOS | Work Order Software will be only for issues related to the use of the system so that they could break the CheckOS | Work Order Software for businesses or in order to respond to possible consumers who might come into contact with CheckOS.
The CheckOS | Work Order Software you can use all the information recorded by user companies estatíticos purposes or for feeding knowledge bases without permission or acknowledgment of the authors of registration is required.

inactive Enterprises

Companies who choose to deactivate their accounts on the system CheckOS | Work Order Software and do this through configuration, not appear in listings related companies, though, as the record company is not deleted the profile page of the company is maintained.
In extreme cases with a request from a company through direct contact with the staff of the CheckOS | Work Order Software or by judicial determination, CheckOS | Work Order Software may delete the information from your company database making it inaccessible.

Users and Passwords

The usernames and passwords are the responsibility of the registered companies.
No user will be deleted from the system unless it is clearly needed.
Companies with users who no longer are part of the staff or service providers, users can disable these via your settings.

Information that CheckOS can send the equipment

The CheckOS | Work Order Software can send to equipment users and Internet users, configuration files of your pages, coockies, plugins and mechanisms that enable the user to better use the system without having to interfere the operation of the equipment user.
The CheckOS | Work Order Software agrees that in cases of contamination of codes its pages with some malicious code being this accidental contamination or not, take the necessary steps as immediately as possible, even if this is necessary to disable page indefinitely to reduce or even prevent the proliferation of code among its users.

CheckOS & reg; All rights reserved

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