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CheckOS: Work Order Management System available for free use, online via the Internet.

Business People, public bodies or group of persons, legal or not, who have registered in order to use the system, represented by a person responsible for entering data into the system, even temporarily through some kind of test or evaluation .

Users: access accounts (login) belonging to companies and associated individuals that make use of system features such as registering and querying information related to work orders and other internal features.

Internet users and consumers: Individuals who access the system via the Internet addresses related to CheckOS.com.br and CheckOS.net areas in order to query the data entered by users, or in order to several queries accessing any of pages CheckOS Service Order program.



This term applies to all modules, pages and fields of CheckOS system in all areas that make up the service provided by CheckOS.

CheckOS makes use of third-party services for the provision and improvement of its own services so that acceptance of the terms of CheckOS is subject to acceptance of the conditions imposed by the following independent systems: GoogleAdsense, GoogleAnalytics, JQuery.

CheckOS reserves the right to change these terms without prior notice.



Access to CheckOS system is conditioned to accept these terms and full science CheckOS Privacy Policy regardless of the method used to access to information, which is reachable by means of the internet browsers, mobile phones, programs or paper information CheckOS printed or any mechanism that allows the viewing of content CheckOS.

The acceptance of these terms is characterized in two ways:
1 - When registering in the system, companies accept the terms by clicking the "Register" button on the registration form.
2 - By accessing the site for consultation purposes, the consumer agrees to these terms to enter your access code as provided in the notification email that is sent to him or by clicking the direct access link that is sent in the same and -mail.

Companies agree that to access, you must register in CheckOS system the information requested on the registration screen and also record the related information system to its customers.

Companies agree that the use of CheckOS is done at the risk of the company and its users, thus exempting CheckOS and their officials of CheckOS any loss or damage caused by system failures, loss of access, outages, completion of services , limitations of use, or other reasons that may be directly or indirectly related to CheckOS.



Checkos ensure system gratuity as is possible and feasible, and there is no intention by the CheckOS charging any of the work order system services.

CheckOS ensures that comply with the rules relating to the system provided for in the site's privacy policy.

Although not previously set a limit to the use of the system with regard to speed, storage space or number of records, among other characteristics of use of the site, CheckOS does not guarantee that these limits will remain unchanged, and may CheckOS determine limiting measures when necessary.

CheckOS is constantly developing with innovations that may result in changing its structure and use of layout, so CheckOS does not guarantee that any of the options or system functionality will remain unchanged and functional forever.


System availability

Access to CheckOS depends on the proper functioning of equipment and media involved end-to-end between the system server and the user's device, CheckOS not own or control these means of access so that CheckOS is not responsible for any damage caused by system unavailability is temporary or permanent.

CheckOS no commitment to assist users who are in any kind of difficult access or use of the system functionality and can CheckOS disable any means of contact with those responsible for the system.



Companies: Companies have the right to use the system for free CheckOS indefinitely; companies have the right to publish the profile generated by CheckOS using any means of existing communication, provided it is not modified, the full path to the site.

Users: Users have the right to access to the site according to the releases of their own companies, not fitting the CheckOS no intervention in user accounts.

Internet users and consumers: it is given the right to use the system to all citizens who use the internet provided they comply with the provisions of these terms.

CheckOS reserves the right to suspend all site services at any time without notice or notice or supply information obligations.

The registered companies have the right to suspend the use of CheckOS at any time without any hindrance from the CheckOS so for this, simply changing the registry so that the company becomes as "Inactive".

There will be no intervention by the CheckOS or those responsible for the registration of companies or any other information stored in CheckOS be excluded from the system database.
Companies and users authorize the CheckOS the use of all information related to the company that are registered in the system including name, address, phone, website, email address, pictures and other data for use in site dissemination campaigns any media that can be used for such placement, and the presentation of information by the CheckOS need not comply with any conditions specified by the company may CheckOS make any changes it deems necessary for the dissemination of this information.


Relationship with CheckOS

Companies: Companies registered in the system are related only to system use, not being companies authorized to use the name CheckOS in any civil liability or criminal action. None of those responsible for CheckOS represent the company registered at any time or condition except in cases where both parties are in agreement in writing and registered properly in institutions authorized by the Brazilian legislation.

Users: Users of CheckOS system are the responsibility of the registered company, having CheckOS no control over these so that the password of these users is known only to the company registered to be stored in encrypted form in CheckOS database.

Internet users and consumers: Access to CheckOS system for consultation is conditional on access code so that the access code is consumer knowledge through system notifications that are sent by email to the address that is registered by users of the companies involved, the whole relationship between the consumer and the CheckOS system is conditionally linked to the company or companies that have made the registration and customer service, these being expressly required to account for their actions whenever the representatives of CheckOS judge required.



Companies: Companies are required to keep its users updated with regard to the inclusion, modification and decommissioning of the same in accordance with changes in its workforce; besides being obliged to change the information related to the company's registration whenever any data is different from most current reality.

Users: Users are required to register truthful information in the system is the use of the system to the abusive registration of invalid information will result in the suspension of the right of use for the entire company.

It is allowed to companies and users the registration of fictitious information in the system for testing purposes, provided that this information is clearly defined as a test random words can not be used or data other than full control of the company as addresses, phone numbers and especially and -mails.
In case of loss or theft of passwords, or bad faith on the part of an employee, former employee or independent contractor of the company, the company is obliged to take immediate restoration measures of access in order to avoid damage to the company or consumers; the company, through its representative is responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse of the system.

Companies, users and Internet users and consumers require that, when accessing CheckOS system will not produce any material or information of illegal, false, discriminatory or violent that might endanger the morals and good customs or that may cause any damage to any individual or company.



Companies: Companies are responsible for all actions of its users to use CheckOS system; companies are responsible for the information of consumers who are registered by their users fitting them to maintain this information and not use in cases of judicial determination on the lawsuit filed by the consumer so that CheckOS does not include any insertion prevention mechanism of these data in the system; it behooves companies to the maintenance and security of your data so that CheckOS not be responsible for restoration or protection of any data stored in the system by companies.

Users: Users are responsible for the confidentiality of your password, CheckOS does not recognize at any time shared use of a password.



is expressly prohibited the use of mechanisms, codes, techniques and external means to change the original structure of the code and pages CheckOS.

At any time that is improper use of the site for purposes contrary to the country's laws in which the user is using the system, with suspected fraud or to cause material damage to any person, the accounts related to the company will be immediately suspended .

They will use all reasonable steps to civil responsibility and criminal offenders.
It is expressly prohibited the registration of false information of any nature in the system and that access the company may be removed without notice.



CheckOS is a free service, while it remains so, no value is provided in these terms.

CheckOS ® All Rights Reserved


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